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If you are searching ‘funeral home near me’ around Miami, FL, come to La Paz Funeral Home. Our dedicated team are here to help you through the entire process, helping to create a comforting and meaningful service that marks the passing of someone close to you. We can talk through yours and your loved one’s needs and discuss how we can best celebrate their life. Celebrate life with La Paz Funeral Home.




Taking care of your loved one’s funeral arrangements is an important task. Here at La Paz Funeral Home, we are dedicated to helping you have a lovely funeral service for your loved ones. If you found us after searching online for ‘funeral home near me’, then you are in the right place. With more than 45 years of hands-on experience, we have become the premier funeral home in Miami, FL. Our home also serves the surrounding areas such as Hollywood, Coral Gables, and Hialeah. If you want a funeral that will help you find the closure you need, then we are the place for you.

Many of our customers find us after a simple online search for ‘funeral home near me’, and they are glad they did. That’s because we put your needs first here at La Paz Funeral Home. Every funeral we arrange is done to make sure your loved one’s wishes are met. All preparing is done on premises, so you will always know your loved one is in good hands with us.

If you searched for ‘cremation near me’, we can also help here at La Paz Funeral Home. In addition to full burial services, we also offer cremation. If you would like a memorial service after the cremation, we can also help you plan one. We care about your needs.

If you searched for‘cremation near me’ then you need La Paz Funeral Home. We offer the best burial and cremation services for your deceased loved ones. We proudly serve all of Miami, FL, and the surrounding areas. Since we first entered the business in 1971, we’ve been committed to providing the highest level of care and respect to all of our clients. You can expect a beautiful funeral and outstanding service from start to finish. Call our office if you are looking to arrange a funeral with us.



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